About The Author's

With a degree in Computer Science and a second degree in Business management, Walken Clips is what one could aptly describe as a computer genius and an intelligent business person. Walken Clips is an independent website developer and software programmer.

He is proficient at using JavaScript and other computer programming languages. He has taught Computer Science at four colleges of education back in Senegal for six years before migrating to the United States of America where he continued teaching computer programming for a while before resigning to start up his own enterprise.

He has designed websites for local businesses and magazines. His dream is to one day establish a Science and Technology University in his home country (Senegal) where students can come and avail themselves of relevant computer skills and technological knowledge that would help them survive in the outside world.

Walken Clips loves rap music unashamedly and was once a musical artiste. He says of himself: "If I had not ventured into Computer programming, maybe I would have become a rap artiste."
He lives with his wife, Catherine, in California, USA.