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Globally known as the largest postal system to have ever existed, the United States Postal Service might just run out of cash in less than half a decade. The service is believed to be moving more one and a half billion mail pieces every year, which makes the news even more shocking and devastating. The collapse of such a major postal service recognized worldwide would come with effects that would run through millions of lives and might prove to be catastrophic.

UPSers is an HRM portal designed for the employees of UPS Logistics Company, largest package delivery chain in the united states. This UPSers Website is exclusive and strictly limited to the employees/vendors working with the UPS Organisation, in which you can access various services like getting payroll information, raising tickets, request leaves, manage employee benefits, and all other stuff offered by the ups to their employees. Every employee of UPS is provided with a unique username and password to access the UPSers Dashboard. All the active and inactive employees who have IGEMS Employee ID can be logged into the upsers portal. Let’s get started about eligibility, Requirements, New users registration, and troubleshooting guide.

Effects of the USPS going down

  • Watering down of a service that is responsible for a whopping 150 billion posts in a year will, of course, be terrible. All these posts would be rendered channel-less and won’t reach their destination.
  • On the employment front, effects will be even harder to cope with like half a million postal workers would be left without any jobs and wages.
  • Weekly magazines which used the USPS to deliver their content to their subscribers will need to switch to local deliverers; none of them is nowhere as big and efficient as the usps.
  • Business retailers who posted brochures and catalogues as the only form of advertising would be in splits and unaware as to what they now do to advertise as availing the services of the local deliverers would prove to be costlier.
  • The members of the United States Defense Forces would find it hard to find letters from families or call letters in case of summons or even voting ballots from back home with the collapse of the USPS.
  • Pharmacy brands that sell rarely available prescription drugs will now have to look for an alternate means to send their medicines.
  • The printing companies that work in collaboration with the usps would face terrible shockwaves of the collapse as they lose their supposedly biggest client and collaborator.

What Was The Reason Behind It

Although this comes as news to people who read it, people at high places in the USPS have been quite vocal about the imminent threat in the recent years, but none of their advice or warnings was paid attention to and fell on deaf ears.

In the year 2007, then Postmaster General named John Potter warned about the diverse effects of the transfer of transaction and communication to the internet from the mail and made it very clear that the impending situation would render it impossible for the USPS to generate enough revenue for the service to continue for a very long period of time. What wasn’t done then took the usps to the state of running out of cash in the next five years as no capable or concerned authority paid attention to the signs pointing towards the doom of the largest postal service to have ever existed on Earth?

The only way out of this worrisome state of affairs is to mobilize the people concerned along with the general public and make them realize that how the collapse of the United States Postal Service would catastrophically affect millions of lives.